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  1. Name

    This organization shall be called the Asian Staff Forum (ASF).

  2. Mission

    The mission of Stanford Asian Staff Forum (ASF) is to promote the interests of the Asian/Pacific/Indian sub-continent employees at Stanford University, Stanford Hospital and Clinics (SHC), and the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC); and to serve as a vehicle for representing and supporting these employees.

  3. Members

    1. Membership is open to staff of the University, SHC and SLAC of Asian, Pacific, or Indian sub-continent descent, and to any other individuals who support the mission of ASF.

    2. Meetings of the membership shall be called at least quarterly by the Chairperson or Executive Committee by general announcement.

  4. Executive Committee

    1. ASF shall be governed by an Executive Committee of interested and active ASF members, who serve for terms coinciding with the University's fiscal year (September 1 to August 31). The composition and number of the Executive Committee for each year shall be nominated and recommended by a nominating committee upon suggestions of the members and ratified by a vote of ASF members at a general meeting to be held in June of each year. The composition of the committee shall reflect the diversity of gender and ethnicity of the Asian staff at Stanford. Any mid-year vacancies shall be filled by vote of the Executive Committee, which may also add up to three additional members.

    2. The Executive Committee shall meet at least monthly; meetings shall be scheduled by the Chair or any other ASF officer. Committee members should attend at least 75% of the regular Committee meetings; committee members attending less than 75% without good cause may be replaced by the committee. Unless otherwise determined by the Executive Commitee, its meetings shall be open to any ASF members. The Executive Committee shall set its own operating procedures which shall be informal.

    3. The Executive Committee shall approve all ASF activities and public or official position statements, establish policies and procedures, form and abolish committees, and approve budgets.

  5. Officers

    1. Officers shall be nominated by a nominating committee and ratified by a vote of ASF members at a general meeting in a summer month. They shall be members of the Executive Committee and shall serve for the entire fiscal year. Any mid-year vacancies shall be filled by vote of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall also have the authority to remove any officer upon a vote of two-thirds of its members.

    2. Co-Chairpersons. The Co-Chairs shall share the duties of being the principal representatives of the Asian Staff Forum; presiding over meetings of the members and the Executive Committee; coordinating the activities of the ASF.

    3. Accounting Officer. The Accounting Officer shall be responsible for the accounts and financial affairs of the ASF, and shall ensure that the ASF complies with the University's financial procedures and requirements.

    4. Communications Officers. The Communications Officer shall be responsible for all communications of the membership, maintain the official records of the ASF; record minutes of meetings of the members and Executive Committee; and shall maintain the membership roster.

    5. Vice-Chairpersons. The Vice-Chairs shall head various sub-committees, such as: Newsletter, Welcome, Fundraising, Nomination, COMO Liaison, etc.

    6. Board Members At-Large. The Board Members At-Large shall be responsible for advice and consultation within the Executive Committee. Most of these members are past officers of the ASF.

  6. Amendments

    The Executive Committee may amend these By-Laws, subject to ratification at the next general membership meeting.