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2024 Lunar New Year

Gathering for tea, treats, and paper lanterns to commemorate the New Year

Event Details:

Wednesday, February 21, 2024
12:00pm - 1:00pm PST

This event is open to:


ASF members chatting among festive Lunar New Year decorations (Credit: Alison Okumura)

Members learning about the Chinese zodiac (Credit: Alison Okumura)

Cute and colorful snacks (Credit: Alison Okumura)

Folks having an engaging conversation (Credit: Alison Okumura)

ASF members gathered to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Members shared tea, treats, and stories about our new year celebrations and traditions. The highlight of the event was meeting in groups based on one's birth year/Chinese Zodiac animal. Members enjoyed getting to know each other, connecting through their shared personality traits, and testing their luck with the Year of the Dragon raffle scratchers. While some received messages of good fortune, five lucky winners received a raffle prize. It was a joyous afternoon filled with chatter and smiles throughout and as folks left with the most adorable dragon red envelopes and treats.

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