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Hot Cocoa with ASF

A cozy hot cocoa bar with a friendly storytelling component

Event Details:

Tuesday, November 14, 2023 - Wednesday, November 15, 2023

This event is open to:

A person in front of a group, holding a mug and smiling

An ASF member presenting the story behind their mug (Credit: Thomas Chan Wong)

A group of people sitting on couches and chatting happily

ASF members chatting in the cozy Asian American Activities Center Couchroom (Credit: Alison Okumura)

A closeup of hot chocolate packets, chocolate, and marshmallows

DIY hot cocoa bar (Credit: Alison Okumura)

A group of people gathering around a table with hot chocolate ingredients

Folks at the Historic Campus having fun making their hot cocoa (Credit: Alison Okumura)

A group of people sitting along a long table and smiling

SRWC folks chatting in front of a cozy 'fireplace' (Credit: Sabrina Huynh)

The hot cocoa event provided a space for folks to: gather, enjoy a DIY hot cocoa bar, create goodie bags for gifting, and share a personal story. The room was filled with festive music, excited chatter, and the sound of snowflake-patterned giftbags being stuffed with hot cocoa, chocolates, and peppermint. The highlight of the event was the storytelling activity that took place during the event. There were funny stories, heartwarming moments, and overall a deeper understanding of one another. Members got to leave with new connections and hot cocoa goodie bags to gift to friends and colleagues.

Hello Kitty, donut puns, the Seth Meyers Show... all manifested as mugs as people enjoyed hot cocoa in front of a cozy virtual fireplace. There were many familiar and new faces around the treat-adorned table. We enjoyed listening to people's fond memories and cheerily ate Cindy's homemade goods: vanilla biscotti, mochi brownies, and brown sugar/cinnamon Chex Mix. We're all looking forward to the joyful season!

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