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Cathy Lu

Operations Committee Member
Asian Staff Forum

Research Administration and Finance Manager
Center of International Security and Cooperation

Year I started working at Stanford: 2017

What I do at Stanford: Managing sponsored grants, gifts, endowments and departmental funds

Cultures/Communities that are important to me/that I identify with: I was born and grew up in Taiwan, and I am proud of being a Chinese. We celebrate the Chinese holidays with my children who were born in the USA. Both of my children attended the Chinese immersion program school in Cupertino, and they can speak and understand Mandarin. It's great that Stanford can implement IDEAL in the work environment because we should respect people who have different cultural background than us.

Why ASF is important to me: ASF brings Asian community in Stanford together, and I am grateful to be part of it.

Favorite food: Egg custard, any Asian noodles soup and Asian snacks.

Ask me about: Cruise travels