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Curie Sevilla

Curie Sevilla
Professional title:

Senior Account Manager – R&DE Communications, Residential & Dining Enterprises

What year did you start working at Stanford?


What kind of work do you do at Stanford?

I'm with the communications team, and I support business units within R&DE that oversee dining and hospitality.

  • Our department is unique. We are responsible for one-third of the campus, and you will very often see me on a golf cart zipping across campus to support our retail cafes, dining halls, stadium concessions or our 100-room guest house at SLAC.
  • I love working for this department – it allows me to engage with students, staff, and faculty from all over the university.
  • I also work with very creative people – with graphic designers and artists, dedicated managers, hardworking custodians, and amazingly talented chefs.
What is your hometown?

I lived and thrived in two countries – and it has made me who I am today! I was born in Manila but arrived as a young immigrant in Chicago. I went to school and worked in Chicago, San Francisco and Manila. I did consulting work and marketing communication projects with various companies in these cities until I settled in Silicon Valley ten years ago.

What is your ethnic/cultural background?

  • I’m Filipino, but I have strong Chinese roots. I look forward to learning more about my ancestry.
  • My paternal grandmother was one-half Chinese, and I have relatives from mainland China that migrated to the tiny island of Marinduque at the turn of the 20th century.
  • My family’s Chinese name is “Pe,” and someone once told me that it meant “fair-skinned.”
What kinds of interests and hobbies do you have?

  • My passion is my work, but I indulge in two very important pastimes – Zumba and succulent plants!
  • I practice Zumba daily, and it keeps me energized and ready to take on the world.
  • I regularly kill plants that require daily watering, but I discovered that succulents, cacti, and other sturdy drought-resistant plants are extremely resistant to my gardening abilities.
  • I am currently pursuing my professional accreditation in strategic communications as a member of the Public Relations Society of America.
  • And yes – I was named after Madame Curie!

My LinkedIn profile

Board function: 
Graphic Design, consultant