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Joanie Ly

Associate Director of New Student Programs in Academic Advising – VPUE. I support the planning and implementation of New Student Orientation as well as first-year programs.

When did you start working at Stanford? How long have you been involved with ASF?

I began my tenure at Stanford in August 2019 and prior to becoming one of the Program Chairs for ASF, I went to as many events as I could to support the AAPI community at Stanford. Especially since at the time, I was a relatively new employee and knew I wanted to get involved.

What kind of work do you do at Stanford?

I work with incoming new students and current first-year students to develop community and a sense of belonging. I also build coalitions with campus partners and other stake holders to provide resources/opportunities for our first-year students.

What is your hometown?

I was born in Oakland CA, lived there until I was 10 and then moved an hour south to east San Jose. I claim both places.

Why are you involved with ASF?

I was one of the co-founders of the ASF of my last institution where I worked. I am passionate about AAPI issues and needs, and want to support the community in anyway I can.

Why is ASF important to you?

I believe ASF contributes to the greater sense of community and belonging for Asian/Asian-Americans at Stanford. I also believe that AAPIs as a group, the diaspora is vast and complicated, and ASF serves a bridge to what would normally divide folks and instead provides space and community to bring folks together.

What are your interests and hobbies?

I am a  huge foodie so one of my hobbies is I “chase” pop-ups (usually temporary food stalls or up and coming or veteran chefs share recipes and food at different restaurants across the bay) all across the Bay Area. I also try to stay active as much as I can given the circumstances around COVID.

What are your board title and responsibilities?

I am one of 3 Program Chairs for ASF which means we work collaboratively to build programs/events that cater to everyone in ASF.

Board function: 
Program Chair