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Committee Lead

Lily Lee

Marketing Committee Lead
Asian Staff Forum

Project Management Manager
UIT Project Management Office

Year I started working at Stanford: 2001

What I do at Stanford: Program and project management

Cultures/Communities that are important to me/that I identify with: I have multiple identities that I am proud of, being a woman, a mom, a wife, a friend, a colleague, global spirit, boba lover, travel bug, rom-com and c-drama enthusiast to mention but a few.

Why ASF is important to me: I want to connect with other Asians in the Stanford community at a social level beyond work. I am on the board this year so I can support the work it takes to provide opportunities for our community to connect with one another.

Favorite food: Right now, szechuan boiling fish

Ask me about: Boba, places to eat, project management