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May-Ling Gonzales

Professional title:

Director, Alumni Education at the Stanford Alumni Association

What year did you start working at Stanford?


What kind of work do you do at Stanford?

Working in alumni relations at the Alumni Association, I manage alumni education initiatives across the organization to deliver high quality intellectual content in our lifelong learning programs in partnership with colleagues and Stanford faculty.In particular, I organize the following programs: Reunion Homecoming Classes Without Quizzes, Stanford+Connects speakers, Stanford Sierra Camp speakers and other premier programs. My team also organizes webcasts and online learning opportunities, Stanford Book Salon and faculty speakers for alumni clubs.

What is your hometown?

I was born at The Presidio in San Francisco and mostly grew up in Texas. I consider Austin my hometown, but I'm a Bay Area person at heart!

What is your ethnic/cultural background?

I'm a quarter Taiwanese, a quarter Japanese and half Mexican-American.

What kinds of interests and hobbies do you have?

I'm an avid reader, getting most of my books from the library and you can check out my reading list at GoodReads. I also love independent film and frequent film festivals in the Bay Area. Biking to work every day keeps me centered - I enjoy hiking and care deeply about sustainability. A planner at heart, I think and read about culture and best practices at work. I used to blog at Working Smart, run a brown bag series for SAA staff on professional development and co-led a 2014-2015 Voice & Influence Circle at Stanford. On campus, you might find me taking hula through HIP or playing Pokemon Go.

Board function: 
At Large – past chair/board member