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Mona Lisa Tekchandani

Program Committee Member
Asian Staff Forum

Executive Director of Engagement, Outreach & Events
Office of Development

Year I started working at Stanford: I’m a Stanford boomerang - I was here from 2007-2011 and then moved abroad. I returned in 2015 to the Office of Development. I joined ASF as a board member in 2016.

What I do at Stanford: In the Office of Development, our goal is to help raise support for important university initiatives including students, faculty and all of the great work happening.

Cultures/Communities that are important to me/that I identify with: South Asian

Why ASF is important to me: I love my Asian American heritage! I hope to build a sense of shared community with all Asian Americans (sometimes it can feel like there’s a division and I want to work to build bridges). I also want to celebrate our multicultural and diverse background and I invite all (from all backgrounds not just Asian) to learn and find those commonalities that bring us together.

Favorite food: Chaat (Indian street food) or Dosa (South Indian crepe of deliciousness)

Ask me about: I love cooking, reading, watching sports, travel and being in the great outdoors.