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Roberta Wolfson

Program Committee Member
Asian Staff Forum

Program in Writing and Rhetoric

Year I started working at Stanford: 2020

What I do at Stanford: I teach courses for the Program in Writing and Rhetoric, in which I help students develop critical skills in oral and written communication while exploring topics like the rhetoric of mixed race identity and the role of language and narrative in movements for racial and social justice.

Cultures/Communities that are important to me/that I identify with: I am multiracial, with Chinese, Iraqi, Belarusian, and Jewish heritage.

Why ASF is important to me: I believe strongly in ASF’s mission of representing the needs of Stanford’s Asian American community, since I know how important it is for Asian American staff, students, and instructors to feel a sense of belonging in spaces of higher education. Being a multiracial Chinese American is important to me, and I appreciate that ASF offers a community where this key aspect of my identity is valued and supported. I value ASF’s efforts to build belonging, advance social justice, and help make Stanford more inclusive.

Favorite food: I love any and all kinds of soup! I could easily eat soup every single day. My favorite types are Chinese noodle soup, mushroom soup, lentil soup, pea soup, and matzoh ball soup.

Ask me about: I love to read, especially fiction; in fact, I am often reading multiple books at the same time. I also enjoy being active and teach an indoor cycling class at my local YMCA every week. One of my favorite activities is to have long conversations with friends, preferably over a warm cup of coffee or tea. But perhaps my greatest joy comes from spending time with my husband and daughter, who is still in that precious stage of early childhood where so much of the world is a source of delight and new discovery.