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Committee Lead

Sabrina Huynh

Program Committee Lead
Asian Staff Forum

Marketing, Publicity, & Sales Assistant
Stanford University Press

Year I started working at Stanford: 2022

What I do at Stanford: I manage the awards program and support book exhibits, events, and sales.

Cultures/Communities that are important to me/that I identify with: First-generation, Vietnamese American, early professional, sister to five, daughter of refugees, queer, name a few...

Why ASF is important to me: We thrive in community, so it's important to show up for each other. ASF reminds us that we're navigating through struggles and triumphs together. Let's uplift staff groups and have some boba while we're at it.

Favorite food: Bánh nậm and hủ tiếu

Ask me about: Why you should listen to BTS, what I'm currently crafting, why Stardew Valley is the best game ever, and what books I'm reading!