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Stuart Miyasato

Professional title:

Senior Systems Administrator, Cherry Lab, Department of Genetics, School of Medicine

What year did you start working at Stanford?

Current stint: 2004. Original stint: 1991

What kind of work do you do at Stanford?

I am the lead systems administrator for a research lab in the Department of Genetics. I manage the lab's technical environment including about 100 servers, data storage, and the local network. My duties include deploying production level software and providing 24x7 support for tens of web and database servers. I am also responsible for planning the technical architecture of our environment, forecasting future computing needs, and adapting new technologies into our environment such as cloud computing.

What is your hometown?

Torrance, CA

What is your ethnic/cultural background?

4th generation Japanese-American

What kinds of interests and hobbies do you have?

Music is my main passion outside of work. I am primarily a guitar player, although you would think I might be more proficient with the instrument after playing it for 30+ years! I have spent many years playing marching percussion as well, including time with the Stanford Band during my undergrad years here. I was also one of the original members of the San Francisco Renegades Drum and Bugle Corps, which went on to be an 11-time finalist at the Drum Corps Associates world championships. I spent eight years there as a marching member and four more years as a member of the instructional staff before finally declaring my retirement from the activity. I am also quite interested in Japanese taiko drumming and have taken several classes from the world-renowned San Jose Taiko group. I also keep in touch with the local Japanese-American community by participating in two "Nikkei" bowling leagues. When not on the lanes, my bowling buddies have corrupted me into shooting excessively high scores on the golf course. I have tried to keep in touch with the Stanford community outside of work as well. I was a past mentor in the Asian-American Interactive Mentoring program, and I also served for a few years as a freshman advisor. I have served two stints as a board member for the Asian Staff Forum -- I was the ASF webmaster from 1997-2000, then again from 2004 through about 2011. I have also served as the Communications Officer since 2004.

Board function: 
At Large – past chair/board member